Looking Forward to Thanksgiving

The Blankenship household of which I am a part; from my parents, to my own household get together for this wonderful day of the year. There have been times there has been 40 or more of us gathered at my Dad’s and Mom’s home.
My sisters, Jane, Judy and Jill; Jane’s husband Allen, Judy’s husband David, and Jill and her boys, and her boyfriend and his daughter sometimes; along with my brother Steve and his wife Deanna. All of their children are often there.
Most of my siblings children and Madge’s and mine are all married. There is the exception of Steve and Deanna’s son Jeffry. He is still in school. Jill’s two boys are not yet old enough to even think about marriage yet.
When you get our family together on Thanksgiving it is great to see so many of the family together celebrating Thanksgiving to the One who gave and gives so very much.
Just of my wife and I plus our children and grandchildren there are 19.
Anyone seeing this can see that we do have much to be very thankful for. The thing for which I am most thankful is the grace of my God and Savior Jesus Christ.
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