Being Thankful

There are many times it seems hard to be thankful. One thing for which I am always thankful is for the family I was born into. I had no control of that thing, but the Lord of heaven and all of earth saw fit to place me in the Blankenship family.
I was born the son of a farmer. Most of the Blankenships I know are farmers, mostly dealing with cattle and such as that. My Dad for most of my life has milked cows – a dairy farmer – and I milked cows with him after I was married, and now my brother does that. As a matter of fact he pretty much takes care of all of it.
We attended church when I was a child at home and received a godly education from both my Mom and Dad. All of us were taught to love the Lord, and His Word. I can remember seeing my Dad pick up the Bible and read it, and I guess it was because of that thath I have done the same thing.
I am very thanful for my parents; Mike and Juanita.
I am also thankful for my wife and children, and grandchildren. I pray that I will leave them a godly legacy such as has been left me.