Thanksgiving Eve

I should be attending Wednesday evening Bible Study and Prayer Meeting this evening, but I woke this morning with runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, and that developed into a bad headache.
Not to mention that only, but I had an appointment at St. John’s Hospital in Cassville this morning to have an MRI done on me to try and figure out why my blood pressure is not cooperating. I lay in that machine for what seemed almost like forever, with my arms laid back over my head. After about half the time I was inside that tube my right shoulder began acheing, and I could not move, because of the test.
I just realized this sounds like I am complaining, but I do not mean to be. I am thankful that I am able to feel any pain. Pain is a friend, you know. It lets us know when something is wrong and that we need to find out what it is. Or, it could be a friend in letting you know that something is getting accomplished.
This is Thanksgiving Eve and like I said above, I should be in church this evening, but I decided to call and let them know I would not be coming due to the way I am feeling. If, this that I have making me sneeze is contagious, then I certainly do not want anyone at church to get it. I will be there on Sunday, the Lord willing, of course.
I hope everyone heard that WalMart has decided that they will not be giving out contributions to things which are of a controversial matter. That is good news, for which to be thankful.