Happy and Blessed New Year

A New Year greeting may be a little late, but I guess you could say, ‘Better late than…’ The New Year got off to a really good and warm start, and then, turned nasty on us – weather wise.
We, that is, Madge and I, had a wonderful Christmas with our kids and grandkids. We also attended my parent’s home for Christmas on the Eve of Christmas Eve and had a time of feasting with my brother and his family, and my three sisters and their families. When we all get together that makes for quite a house full.
I hope all who are reading here is as blessed or even more so than I am. God is so good and full of grace and mercy. So much better than what I deserve. I am so thankful for that though, because without Him there would be nothing.
Be sure you look the the Lord Jesus in this New year. Here we are well into the first month, and I pray you have given yourself to Him and His grace for eternity. Jesus died on the cross for your sins, was buried carrying your sins away, and was raised to life after three days, and is forever seated at the Right hand of the Father. He will come again soon, and I pray you are ready. Call on His name, and He will hear you and save you.
Remember if you are a Blankenship, know a Blankenship, or anything about some, please let me know. Also let them know about this site. We all could make it quite interesting.