A Parable

There was a Certain Man and he had a rather large family. Occasionally the family would get together and discuss matters of family interests. On a certain date early during a year the Certain Man standing addressing his family made a statement concerning an annual family Event.
That statement was one encouraging an early start in the planning of the Event. He spelled out some details, and suggested that it be done a little differently than past years. Using materials that were coming from other family, and not using outside help for the production of the Event. This coming Event was a gathering of family and discussion of increasing the family, encouraging the family and just an all around good time.
One of the sisters, Speaks Out, says, “I think it is a good thing that the Certain Man is suggesting. Let’s listen to what he says, and see what happens”. The matter was put aside for a time, so a Sister Not Present and had been a vital part in the previous Events could have some input into the matter. It was agreed by all to do so.
One of the brothers who was at the meeting called the sister who was not there and told her that the Certain Man and Speaks Out, who spoke in support of the Certain Man, had gotten together before the meeting and discussed the Event. They had not done so.
The Certain Man spoke privately with the Sister Not Present about the Event in the hope of getting things worked out. The Certain Man was pretty insistent on not bringing the outside help from previous years in, but wanted to work with Sister Not Present. The word was still going around that Certain Man and Speaks Out had got together and spoke of the Event without Sister Not Present who in that case should have been meeting with them. The meeting between the Certain Man and Speaks Out did not take place.
Is there an answer to this problem? There must be. First of all in such cases they could question those involved. “Was there a meeting that took place to plan this Event?” A simple question, not the blank and blunt statement, “You two met and planned this all out…” That is not only an accusation, but when the person denies it, it is a declaration of the one denying as lying. There should be no accusation until one knows the truth.
In the second place no one came to the Certain Man to ask him about the matter, they only approached and accused her. These type of things should not happen in families.
The matter of the Event was really only being presented for means of discussion, and approval or rejection. Has it been rejected?

Author: Tim A.

Born again through Jesus Christ death, burial, and resurrection, and awaiting His soon return. Husband of Madge. Father of Charity, Monica, Timothy, Philip, and James. Father-in-law to Paul, Sam, Sarah L., Sarah Joyce, and Amber. Grandfather to Rachelle, Jonathan, Caitlyn, Naomi, Josiah, Eli, Rene'e, Addyson, Natalie, Alexzander, Lydia, and Kylie Anne, and Aryana; also a great grandson Parker, and two grand children in Heaven. Pastor of Shiloah Baptist Church of Jenkins, MO since July 06, 2014. I enjoy reading and studying the Scriptures of God. My calling in life is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. I enjoy riding motorcycles, hiking, camping, hunting, and driving. I use to drive a school bus but I retired from that at the end of 2018-2019 School year.

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