As I was driving my School Bus route this morning; it was the first time since beginning this route two weeks ago that I had seen the lake as the sun came up.
I enjoy being up before the sun rises. I use to almost hate being up that early, but I did not know what I was missing. Of course during that time I was also more of a ‘Nightowl’ and stayed up till all hours of the night and into the morning at times. I know that I would much rather be up and going early and see the sun rising than going on and on and on after sunset.
Now for those who like the sunset, I can also agree with you, but to me there is something special about sunrise. It signals the beginning of a brandnew day. It is the sign of new things. It is hope that this day will be better than the one before.
As I drove by the lake with the sun not yet up over the horizon I could see the reflection of the tree covered Ozarks hills in the waters with the glow of sunrise. I see that and I think, ‘My how wonderful our God, our Creator is. That He could make this all for us.’
Let me challenge you; if you have not seen a sunrise in a while try it Tuesday morning April 03, 2007. If you make it that far, then, be thankful that you made it another day.