The Return

It was here for quite a bit of the month of March, at least two weeks. It brought pleasant temps, the ground was warmed, and most people I know loved it. The grass turned green and grew. Flowers blossomed and bloomed. Tulips were popping up in gardens everywhere. Even the oaks were beginning to spring forth with new leaves.
I am, of course, speaking of Spring. It was here and then, it went on a two week vacation. We were left with remnants of Winter. There were mornings when I went out to get in the car, go drive the bus, and the windows were covered in frost. I even started wearing my jacket once again. I love this time of year. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons. The Falls of the Ozarks are beautiful when the trees begin to change. The colors are beautiful driving through the hills. Winters have their own beauty too, but I cannot stand the cold. I can tolerate, but only because I grew up here and live here.
My wife and I lived in the Northern part of Southern California for 16 months, and I could enjoy that type of Winter for a long time. We moved back here, though, and we love it here.
Like a good, old and faithful friend Spring has returned, and I am hoping he stays around ; at least until Summer arrives.
Welcome back Spring.