God Changes People

It is amazing how God works and changes people. When people are called to faith in Christ by the Spirit of God they believe, trust, obey, and just become all around better people.
Take myself for an example. I was saved at the age of eleven years. God’s grace has continually been with me, even though, when I was in my teen years I did things for which I am not proud. I am gravely afraid that I offended the One who loved me enough to give His life for me. I also know that I have even since becoming an adult. It is wonderful and great to know that I am His, and He is mine.
Something has began to happen to me which I really never thought possible. I am enjoying do some garden work. I never enjoyed working in the dirt as a boy, and even into adulthood, and now, here I am fifty two years of age, and I have been riding a tractor, plowing a garden, digging that garden to tear up the sod patches, and smooth the ground using a harrow. Harrow, that is a new farming implement for me. Never used one until today. Got the garden ready for planting.
As I have mentioned in a previous article; I have not plowed ground in many years. The old blue Ford tractor still does not have power steering, and now it definitely wears me out; and probably quicker than the soil gets ready.
God is so good, His mercy is everlasting, and His grace is so full and free.