Tilling the Garden

We have a garden this year. It is down at the place where my Dad grew up. There are several rows of Potatoes – yes I spelled that with e-s, because it is in the plural. It seems as I have mentioned this in a previous article. However, I have not mentioned this before.
Last evening I went and used a tiller, you know, one of those things that has two wheels behind some metal tines which spin under the power of a 5 horsepower engine, or whatever horsepower. It is supposed to really be an aid to keeping the soil around plants loose where it can receive and retain moisture, thus, grow faster and better. You may be thinking, ‘This guy grew up on a farm, and he has never used a tiller’. That is because we always either used a hoe, or it was cultivated with another implement behind a tractor, set for the width of the rows.
This was the first time I ever used a tiller. I quickly learned that you do not just walk behind one of them. The operator must maintain control. It would be so much easier if you could just hold the handle bars and walk behind it, but then, what good would that do the garden. The ground does not get broken up that way.
This garden really needed a tilling too. It was weedy between those potato rows, and that was basically all I got done. I was ready to quit by the time I got to that final row of potatoes. Of course, I was ready to quit after the second row was finished, but there were about six more rows to do.
When I did finally quit for the time being, I was as wet as if I had jumped in a shower with all my clothes on, but it was only sweat. My hands, even as I am writing, are hurting from new blisters, and the muscles are acheing as well. I must say that I am thankful to be able to do this. I was there with my Dad, a couple of nephews, and they were planting tomatoes, and peppers, I think. I am not so sure about the peppers.
Just like a garden needs tilling once in awhile to get rid of the weeds, tear up the soil, and such as that, so too, do we who are Christians need to have our lives plowed and the weeds destroyed so that we might better grow, and produce fruit; that is, if the bugs don’t get it.