Rain, Be Thankful for the Rain

For a few years around the parts of Missouri where I currently live and grew up it has been dry during these months with farmers bringing little crops of hay. Ponds have gone dry, and even heard of a well going dry now and then.
We have been getting rain. Today (June 11, 2007) it has rained nearly all day long. There have been flood situations near Joplin and some roads closed, and holding trucks back from making their important deliveries. Now, I can undertand their frustration, because that is their livelihood, and others are dependent upon their getting their good through to them. Let’s all remember that many of those goods could not be delivered without water, and in some cases, actually in most cases, that means rain.
Even out in California, where they irrigate most of the time and some of the farmers don’t even want it to rain, because that messes up their schedule of irrigation, that water they use comes from somewhere, and some of that comes from the Sierra Mountains, of snow run off coming down to them, and that snow comes from the same place rain does, and God Almighty gives it all.
The aquifer which is really the underground water supplies, [underground lakes, rivers, streams] are supplied by rain, which the good and gracious Lord gives to us all.
Whether we like it or not we all need rain. When it comes in too heavy for our liking or when it comes in little bitty doses; we must be grateful for it all. Without water, without rain, we die.
Rain, Be Thankful for the Rain.