A Parable Continued

The story of a Certain Man, Speaks Out, and Sister Not Present; hopefully now is a story that can be put to an end.
When there is conflict in a family that is not good. The good Lord never intended conflict, at least not to the point of causing confusion, hurt and distancing one’s self from the rest of the family.
The family met for its weekly gathering twice on the first day of the week. The Certain Man was calling for a time of talking with the Father of the family. Before going into the talk Certain man called out a couple of things which needed to be dealt with before addressing the Father. It was not a pleasant thing to do, but it was a necessary thing to do.
Certain Man mentioned the annual family outing to grow the family, and the charges which had been made, and was used to harm the feelings of Speaks Out. The charge was that Certain Man and Speaks Out had gotten together and planned the event without Sister Not Present. Certain Man informed the family that that charge was not true, that it in fact was a lie. The brother who did this was simply trying to cause a family problem.
Certain Man also addressed another issue which had recently came up. That is a charge that he was getting his weekly addresses from electronic devices. Certain Man made it clear that he had not, nor will not do such a thing, but in fact makes posts of these address outlines on the electronic device.
Will the problem be solved? Will the family begin to grow, and put aside all bitterness, wrath, malice, and anger? We can only rely on the Father of the family. He will give us peace.

Author: Tim A.

Born again through Jesus Christ death, burial, and resurrection, and awaiting His soon return. Husband of Madge. Father of Charity, Monica, Timothy, Philip, and James. Father-in-law to Paul, Sam, Sarah L., Sarah Joyce, and Amber. Grandfather to Rachelle, Jonathan, Caitlyn, Naomi, Josiah, Eli, Rene'e, Addyson, Natalie, Alexzander, Lydia, and Kylie Anne, and Aryana; also a great grandson Parker, and two grand children in Heaven. Pastor of Shiloah Baptist Church of Jenkins, MO since July 06, 2014. I enjoy reading and studying the Scriptures of God. My calling in life is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. I enjoy riding motorcycles, hiking, camping, hunting, and driving. I use to drive a school bus but I retired from that at the end of 2018-2019 School year.

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