Another Funeral

On Saturday morning sometime before the rising of the sun, there was a deadly car accident in or near Rogers, AR., and it was the daughter of a cousin of mine. There was no alcohol or drugs involved, it appears just to have been the affects of a tired young lady.
I received notice of this on Saturday morning from my Mother while I was in Booneville, AR. helping our son and his wife move to their new home. It seems that my cousins daughter pulled out in front of an oncoming vehicle, and she died at the scene. She was only 26 years of age, not married, and had no children. She did have loving parents, a sister, and grandparents [my aunt and uncle], and they will all miss her greatly.
I attended the funeral today, and to me it was a sad event. They gave her all the accolades of praise they could think of, such as, “She always had a sunny disposition, was always smiling, and that she enjoyed life”. I guess that is all they could say about her. There was no testimony of faith in Jesus, nor of any commitment to a church. I wept as they applauded her, and were silent about Jesus.
The pastor spoke a very good message concerning having the right foundation, and that foundation being Jesus Christ. I applauded. I hurt and I ache for my cousin, and her parents, and grandparents. If Sunni did not have Jesus, she is no longer smiling. I only pray that she met Him, but has been silent about it, if that is possible.