Back To School

Since my last post School has started and I have driven the bus seven and one half days. I took the morning of August 22 off, because my Dad was supposed to have surgery, actually amputation of his right foot and part of the leg. That has been due to lack of circulation to the foot, due to vein removal for his heart a few years ago.

They ended up not doing the surgery because the anesthesiologist saw a problem in one of the tests concerning his heart, and would not allow it to proceed. He has now been back for more of those tests, passed them, and now the surgery is rescheduled for Monday the 27th. He is supposed to check in at 11 a.m.

I am still driving the same bus that I drove at the end of the last School year. Old Bus 23. The mechanics of the School did some work on her, and she runs much better this year than she has in a long time. She is still a bit sluggish on take off. Her zero to sixty time is probably about 2 minutes. If I ever get her to sixty.

There are not a whole lot of people who can say they drive a vehicle with a price range of eighty thousand dollars. Yellow as a color in automobiles is growing in popularity, but it is usually a slightly different yellow than a School Bus.

The kids on the buses are being kids. Some of them get slightly overly active. Then, something must be done. They do have a problem obeying rules. Rules to remain seated. Rules that are for their safety, and the safety of all on the bus and all who are on the road, at times.

As I was driving down one part of my curvacious road one day I saw a puff of torn papers in my driver’s side mirror fly through the air. I did not see who did it. What could I do. All I did was ask who threw it out. To no surprise, I received no answer. This is a generation of people who are supposed to be so concerned about our environment. I am not so concerned about paper, it will go back from whence it came.

I guess “Litter-bugging” is one of my pet peaves. I cannot stand seeing people throwing trash out the windows of their cars or leaving it where they have brought it; like to a campground, or picnic area. It is ugly on some beautiful highways in the USA as well.

Anyway, School is back in session, and it may be a long School year. I plan on making the most of it and living for my Lord.

More Summer Rambling

Well, it appears that I will be driving the School Bus anyway. I am thankful for that. I went to the doctor yesterday, and we got me approved for a three month period, and I will need to go in for periodic BP checks.

That takes a big gorilla off my back. That is an extra income which also provides our health insurance. The Lord, of course, is our greatest provider and means of our sustenance. He does, however, call us to our work, and to do it as unto Him. I am just thankful for all His provision of grace and mercy.

It just seems that a whole load of pressure has been lifted off my back. That alone does not help a persons BP. I appear to people as being mild mannered, easy going, and I have had people to tell me that they are surprised that someone with my demeanor could have high BP. The reason for that may be that I keep things in, rather than exploding. I want to say with that, that there are times I release them, by my writing in my journal. I have also found blogging a release and renewing as well.

The school I drive for will begin on August 16. That is next Thursday. In the hottest time of Summer. Our temps here in Southwest Missouri have been at or near the century mark. Air conditioning sure feels good when it is like this.

Last night our son Timothy, his wife Sarah, and their kids Naomi, and Josiah were over, and we barbecued a couple of t-bone steaks and burgers. Man, was that good stuff. I told you this was more Summer rambling.

Summer Ramblings

Summer is nearing an end, at least as far as School vacation is concerned. The teachers and administrators are gathered at the School during the week days getting things all situated and ready to go, and they have had the physicals for all who need them; like the Bus Drivers, and there are others,

I went for mine on Tuesday, July 31, and failed my physical. I have a problem with my blood pressure being too high. It was high when I went in for my physical. The doctors have ran test on me, even did MRI’s and MRA’s (Maybe the same, I don’t know), they have done stress test and found nothing causing it. These have all been prior to July 31 of this year.

It really has me perplexed. I take three medications for blood pressure, but it seems they do no good. I feel pretty good with the exception of when I get discouraged, or depressed concerning these matters. I know blood pressure is a life or death matter, but then, I see every day as a blessing from God, and know that whether I live or whether I die it is of the Lord.

Some have told me I should get disability for my blood pressure, but I really don’t think I could get it and remain a pastor; and I don’t think that is what God would have me do. Preaching and pastoring is what God has called me to do, and I will probably die doing that.

This may sound gruesome to some, but my prayer to the Lord, concerning my death is that I would die in one of three or four ways. The first one being to die while preaching His Word in the pulpit. The second, to die on my knees while in prayer. The third, to die while a soul I have dealt with is praying to Jesus for salvation; and the fourth, to just die while I am asleep. I see no problem in asking my Lord and Savior for this. I know that I have no say over the time or place, but those are my requests.

I am ready and anxious to meet my Savior face to face. There are many unredeemed here that I have failed to tell about Jesus, His death on the cross taking the judgment of sin that was mine/ours, being rejected by His Father because He had become the very thing that He despised, and took all the wrath for all sin. Jesus was buried carrying all our sins away, and leaving them in the depths of the ocean and cast as far away as East is from West. On the third day He rose from the grave for our justification (right with God) by God’s declaration; and He lives forever seated at the right hand of God the Father.

If the Lord allows me to continue to drive the School Bus, that will be great, if not maybe I can spend more time with my church people. I would certainly not mind that at all.