Loose Lips

The lies people tell are not just little “white lies”. Lies are destructive. They harm people, and even the one who is telling them.

There is a phrase which has been said for years, “Loose lips sink ships”, and man, is that ever so. The ship that lies sink will be the life of the one whose lips are loose. No home, church, or organization can long exist when lies are told.

Malicious lies are especially harmful. That is, when someone lies to purposely harm or hurt another person, or organization. This form of lying is one which God calls an abomination. That is in the same line as gross sexual immorality. No liar has any part with God.

I guess I am writing this because lies have recently been told of myself. They have been exposed for what they are, ie., the lies. The person involved has not acknowledged any involvement, but offered this apology, “I am sorry for all the words that have been said”. Now, when this individual has been the one saying them, that is not much of an apology. I pray that this individual will get their personal life right with God. Any one who lies like this is not right with Him, and have opened their lives for judgment; unless they seek forgiveness from Him.

This individual has left our church. I believe the Lord takes care of problems in His Church. I just pray this does not go to the church they are not in.

The lies told were not lies of any real merit. They would not do any real harm to me. As a matter of fact, I originally laughed about it, and I still laugh about it, except for the harm it could do to our church. One lie was that I had, during VBS (Vacation Bible School) in July, dropped off some of the kids along the main highway, and had them walk home. I drove the bus. The closest I came to that was dropping them off on the edge of the road that runs about 200 yards from their home. It was also told that I refused to take the kids home on Friday evening, the night of Parent’s Night. The bus did not run that evening. The parents/guardians were responsible for seeing their child arrived, and were returned home.

Because of these things some of the people of our church has left, and say they are not returning. When I have spoken to some of this matter, they tell me their leaving has nothing to do with those things. It is always something else.

May God forgive us all. And He does.

In the end, “Loose lips” still “sink ships”.