Taking Tests

When I was in school, whether it was Elementary or High School I hated tests. it really didn’t matter what kind of test; I just hated them.

Entering into the grown up work force and life’s reality I learned that every body has tests, even we adults. The problem with life’s reality tests is that sometimes you don’t know you are taking the test. There is no one who will tell you, “We are having a test tomorrow over the studied text”, and you sometimes have no way of knowing what’s going to be on the test.

Since my last article here at “To Everything…A Season” where I wrote of the song “I Choose”, and how it had been a real encouragement to me. If you don’t remember read the previous post. I do know the chorus a bit better now, and I did notice that I used the wrong word for a song chorus, and wrote “course”. I knew better I just didn’t catch what I had written.

The song’s chorus is this way; “I choose to believe You are faithful, and my heart is in your hands; that this mystery I face today is part of a greater plan. I choose not to be discouraged when the sun will not break through. I have the choice of trusting You; so Lord, this is what I choose.” It is still a source of encouragement to me.

The only thing that has changed is that I have been and I am presently being tested to how sure and true this is to my life. Sometimes I just wonder if I missed God’s real calling for my life. I do believe, having studied the Scriptures for over 33 years that every Christian has a calling in their life. That doesn’t mean being a pastor, missionary, or anything like that. It just means some Christians are called to be farmers, school teachers, policemen [or any form of law enforcement], soldiers, dog catchers, doctors, nurses, carpenters, bus drivers, and you could add your own occupation or vocation here.

Whatever it is God has called you to be content in doing it. And, do it as unto the Lord. I do know one thing for sure. If you believe God is calling you to a work, then, you better go to it as soon as He calls. Delayed obedience is disobedience. Think about what happened to Jonah.

I still dislike tests, but today I have a better understanding of why we have them. They strengthen our resolve to get done what we know we need to get done. They also show us things about ourselves we didn’t know before. Like, how durable and faithful we really are. Then, we can give God the Son and His Father all the glory.

A Word of Encouragement

For some days now, up until this past week, I have been greatly discouraged and wondering what my ministry is really worth. With the problems at church, and some of our own personal problems I just sometimes wonder.

As I was driving home from picking up kids on the School Bus I was listening to the Christian Radio station I have on in the car, and they played a song which picked me up and made me do some thinking. The words of the course go something like this, and I am doing this from memory: “I choose to believe You are faithful, that grace is in Your hand. This mystery that I face today is part of a greater plan. I choose not to be discouraged when the sun does not break through, I’ve made the choice of choosing You”, and of course this is addressed to God and His Son.

I really want the words of the song. It is titled “I Choose”, and I don’t know the group who does it either. It is such a wonderful song which puts the thoughts on the Father and His Son rather than our situation in life.

It seems that discouragement is so easy. It doesn’t take much to get me anyway, and I don’t need that junk. I say “Junk”, because that is what discouragement really is is J.U.N.K. Someone once said, “Discouragement is from the devil”, and that is for certain. It is especially true for the Christian. The devil doesn’t want us living in victory, and courage; so he does whatever he can to bring us down.

The next time I sense a bout of discouragement; I will redirect my thinking to the One who has all those matters in His hand. Join me in courage in the Lord Jesus.