Courageous the Movie

The Sherwood Baptist Church has done another fine work of art for viewing by the rest of the world.  However, it is much more than a work of art; it is a film of action, family, love, and especially of the need for fathers to lead in their families, taking godly responsibility.

Courageous will be out in theaters on September 30, 2011, and I want to recommend that any and all who read this go and see it.  You will be blessed, you will not be bored.

Back in May my wife and I received an invitation from the promoters of “Courageous” to view a prescreening of the film on July 19 at the Elite III cinema in Branson, MO.  We went last evening, and were greatly blessed by seeing this movie.

The set is Albany, Georgia and involves the Sheriff’s Department of that county, and its four of its deputies with various family situations.  It also deals with integrity, and law and order; situations where there is police action as well.

Take your family with you.  It will probably receive a PG-13 rating due to some action sequences, and probably because the gospel is presented too.  There is no foul language.  You will appreciate that alone.

Even people along the banks of Flat Creek go see a movie occasionally.