Thieves, Crooks, and Culprits

It is horrible what some people will stoop so low to do.  Are they even in the human race?  Of course they are but they are depraved and wicked of mind and heart.  What am I writing about?  Thieves, crooks and culprits who would connive and steal from the elderly by way of a email or phone scam.

I have heard of them, and known of some people who were stolen from by these wicked perpetrators of stealing others property.  It has never hit so close to home until today.  My mother calls down to our house, and says, “Get up here NOW!” to my wife in an emergency type voice.  Madge tells me; we leave in a rush; we arrive at the house, and mom meats us at the door; upset, in tears, and trying to tell us what is wrong.  We finally find out she is talking about Charity, our eldest child and daughter.

The  caller has called pretending to be Charity, in tears, supposedly in jail for being drunk, and hitting a child; and needing several thousands in bail money.  When I heard that I immediately recognized it for what it was. A big fat phone scam.  Dad is still on the phone talking to some man connected with the attempted theft.  I have spoke rather loudly as I came in, “It’s a scam” and Dad handed me the phone but the culprit is already hung up; maybe it should be “Hung”.

Can someone actually find pride, and fulfillment in bilking elderly people out of thousands of dollars.  I think my parents had it pretty well figured out by the time my wife and I got there; but my mother was pretty upset.  We stayed around for a while, and talked.

Our family is familiar with one another and what we are doing and where we go.  So keep your hands off.  You will get caught.

That is my line for the day from the banks of Flat Creek.