Dust is Flying

I spent part of my day working down by the Creek.  First I took the chainsaw and cut away some brush, then I began taking out old barbed wire and fence.  The barbed wire needed out for a walkway down to the Creek, and Timothy has already started some steps down; we just needed the wire moved.

This afternoon I took my riding lawn mower down and did some mini brushhoggin.  It is some what amazing how tough that old mower is.  As I was cutting small brush and weeds with that mower, there were places dust billowed up and around me covering me in it, getting in my nose and eyes.  I mentioned in my last post here how dry things are here.  We do need rain.

Anyway a piece of the old fence is down.  The way to the Creek is open now, and more easily accessible.  There is still much clearing to do.  I have a little bit of jungle left along the banks of Flat Creek.