Rain in July

In the State of Missouri, especially Southwest Missouri we do not normally get much rain; at least in large amounts.  In the past week we have been blessed with the wonderful drops from heaven.

Yesterday alone we got at least 3 inches of rain.  Since last Saturday evening (July 20) we have received 7 inches plus.  That is practically; notice I said practically; unheard of in July.  I am thankful.  Bless the Giver and Sovereign of rain.

It is wonderful to look out the windows of our house and no longer see dry, dying grass; needing to water the trees; but seeing green grass blooming Rose of Sharon shrubs, and other flowers growing.

It is a wonderful blessing to receive rain in July.




There was a time when I was a child my Dad worked with my Uncle Duane, Dad’s brother, putting up hay for the Winter, and feeding cattle.  My uncle and his sons, Dad, and myself would put up a lot of hay each Summer.  Part of the treat of working at my Uncle’s farm was getting to eat dinner, our midday meal.  Let me explain where I grew up we had breakfast, dinner, and supper; there was no lunch.  Sometimes for dinner one dessert my Aunt Ollie prepared and served was Gooseberry cobbler.  Most of the time these were served at family get togethers.

Aunt Ollie’s gooseberry cobbler was the best I have ever eaten.  If you have never eaten a gooseberry cobbler or pie you have missed a treat.  If you have eaten a Rhubarb pie; that comes pretty close, but it is not gooseberry.  Uncle Duane and Aunt Ollie have gone home to be with the Lord.  We no longer have family get togethers with their children, nor do we do the hay thing.  I miss them, and I miss the Gooseberry cobbler.

I mention this because I am going to experiment with raising some gooseberries.  I thought about a few months ago, but never got around to do it.  This morning I needed to go to town [Cassville], and take care of some business, and pick up some meds at the pharmacy; but I had to stop on the way out our road to trim a tree limb out of the road.  When I started rolling the limb, and its brush over the hill I noticed a clump of Gooseberry bushes.  I decided then and there that when I came back by I would stop, and pull a couple of them, plant them at our house in the fence row, and see what happens.

I did just that.  They are planted, and hopefully will begin producing berries in a year or two.

If they do I will need to make me some fresh Gooseberry pie, or cobbler.


Blessed with Rain

As I sit at my computer this morning the lightening is flashing, the thunder is rolling, and rain is falling.  We received the blessing Saturday evening too; and received about one inch of the blessing.  During a rain break, I went and checked my bucket and there was another inch plus a quarter in the bucket.

Saturday July 20 made 5 weeks since we had received any significant rainfall.  Now the drought has been broken.

Now the rain is continuing.  There is only One who is worthy of thanks, and that is our Creator; our Maker; our Savior, and our friend.  Thank YOU Lord.


A Book I am Reading – Empire of the Summer Moon

Let me tell you about a book I am reading.  One I am finding very interesting.  It is not a book dealing with any aspect of Christianity, but the history of our nation; at least one part of it.  It has to do with one of the Native American tribes of this nation.  The Comanche.

The book is titled “Empire of the Summer Moon” by S. C. Gwynne copyright 2010.  Let me first of all say that I am not a “PC” (Politically Correct) person.  For the most part when it comes to being an American citizen I do not recognize Black people as “African American”, nor do I recognize Asian people as “Asian American”, nor whites as “Caucasion American”, nor; well  you get the picture.  However when it comes to what we know as the American Indian; I have absolutely no whims or problems with referring to them as “Native Americans”, because they are the only true Natives on this continent, or in this Nation.

Back to the book.  Mr Gwynne gives us a history of not only the Comanche Indian, but of the early days of the Republic of Texas with many of its problems, atrocities, and tragedies.  He deals with the Parker family from which came Cynthia Ann Parker who as a nine year old girl was taken captive by the Comanche, lived with them for 24 years, was rescued and she herself returned to the tribe, because she had three children born to her by a chieftain Peta Nocona and one of these children was a son who is known in American History as Quanah Parker.

The Comanche tribe was “the most powerful Indian Tribe in American History”.  This according to the sub title to the book.  James Parker, and uncle of Cynthia Ann Parker was an early Texas Ranger, and according to Mr. Gwynne’s history was a murderer, drunkard, preacher, and thief.

According to this account of history the Comanche were the most vicious, vile, and most feared on the plains.  Even the Apache feared them.

I have only read nine of the 22 chapters.  If they are as interesting as the first nine it will be a good read.  One thing I learned in the ninth chapter, is that a movie directed by John Ford, starring John Wayne  used James Parker’s story for the basis of the movie “The Searchers”.  James Parker according to history searched high and low, for many years for his own daughter Rachel, a grandson James Pratt Plummer, and Cynthia Ann Parker; without much success.

The history of our nation is full of history, good and bad.  History is made for us to learn from; not always to copy.


Needing Water

Well we were blessed in the Spring with a good amount of rainfall.  The Creek came up a bit, got washed out, cleaned up, but never rose out of its banks.

Now, however, is a very different story.  We have not had any significant rainfall for several days now.  It was June 15 when it last rained.  We had a great rain amounting to 2+ inches.  It was a blessing.

This morning before the sun was over the hill I went out and watered everything with a garden hose.  It is not as good as rain, but it does provide moisture for the plants.  I hope I did not wait too long to water  the trees I planted a year ago last Spring.

Praying for rain.  Thank you Lord for sending it.