The Verdict is In

And Justice has been served.  If the Grand Jury would have decided with public pressure, or emotion there would not be justice.

They did however base their decision on the evidence and testimony they were given.  Justice has been served.

Let us all be part of the human race, grieve with the family who tragically lost a son; and grieve with the city of Ferguson, MO for the trials they have experienced by mob rule, and the great injustices done to local businesses and people.

Let us also pray for the peace of all who are not at peace.


GMO Is Not A 4 Letter Word – The GM Food Debate Continues

This is an interesting read.

Town & Country Gardening

Kind of a long read, but I think it’s worth the time invested.
When most if not all consumers hear the term GMO the first picture most see in their mind is (Monsanto) developed crops that are resist being treated with herbicides(roundup) for weed control. The truth is this is a very small segment of GMO crop development and Monsanto is not alone in developing GM crops.

Before you go Postal on me, read the entire posting.
The answer is yes. I will and do buy and plant some GM crops. Corn for one. If Monsanto or others market tomato, squash or cucumber plants that repels or kills tomato horn worms, squash bugs or vine bores, I will most likely buy and plant these GM garden crops.
If they develop a crop that is more cold, heat or drought resistance. The answer is Yes. I will most likely buy, plant…

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