Cabbage Is Not A Dirty Word – It’s Wunderbar

I love cabbage so I thought this sounded pretty good. Thanks Town and Country Gardening.

Town & Country Gardening

fresh cabbage OK, OK, you can stop making that ugly face. Properly prepared, cabbage taste good and is good for you. The secret mama never told you is, Do Not over cook your cabbage. Sliced / diced in slaw or in a fresh garden salad.
Wilt your sliced cabbage in a covered pan with 3 or 4 slices of diced and fried bacon, drain off excess bacon fat. Again I say, Bacon fat is not a dirty word! Don’t over cook your cabbage. It should be wilted but still retaining a bit of it’s crunch. Not soggy or cook into a mush.
Course slice / dice a few cabbage leafs to add to soups and stews.
Use sliced cabbage when making stir fried vegetables.

Of course you can ferment cabbage in a strong salt brine to make sauerkraut I prefer cabbage processed into ‘fresh’ kraut. Soaked for a few hours in a…

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