Tea – The Worlds Most Popular Drink

One of my favorite drinks is sweet tea. If it is yours you may enjoy this post from Town and Country.

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green_teaAfter water Tea is the most consumed drink by most of the worlds people.
My supermarket has a dazzling aray of teas to choose from. Green, black, berry, fruit and herb flavors of all kinds. Bagged and loose types.

Tea in my neck of the woods most often means tea served over ice and sweet, Grin .. I like mine very sweet.

Avoid bottled teas, you can’t rely on the bottle label hype for the true facts. Bottled teas many times are plastered with declarations of their rich antioxidant content. The truth is if you’re looking for high doses of healthful antioxidants, your much better off brewing your tea at home.

Research finds that some store bought bottled teas contain such small amounts that consumers would have to drink 20 bottles to get the antioxidants, also called polyphenols, present in one cup of home brewed tea.

To compound this…

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