May 14, 2007 Fort Dix Six

Last week there was quite a bit of talk about “The Fort Dix Six”. They were, of course, speaking of a group of six terrorist who had been in the planning stages of attacking Fort Dix.
It seems that there is a young heroic patriot in this story. A teenage young man working in Circuit City was asked by a man to make a DVD of a video taken, I suppose by the man bringing it in. As the young clerk is making the DVD he is also viewing it, and sees that it is a terrorist video and phrases being spoken which are antiAmerican. After the terrorist leaves with the DVD this young clerk, evidently is greatly bothered by what he has seen, and goes to his boss asking what he should do. His boss tells him to report it. That is what he does.
Now we know that these six have been captured, and a plot to destroy a fort has been abated.
Thank the Lord for this young man. His life could very well be in danger, because of his courage and patriotism, and care for his fellow citizens of the USA.
I know our Nation is not perfect. It has a long way to go before it gets to perfection, and it will not reach it, because it is gradually perishing. I certainly do not want it to go down by the hand of terrorism.
We all must take courage, and realize that the care of this Nation is in the hand of the great Creator of all things, our Savior Jesus Christ. Unless we return to God the United States of America will fall. And great will be that fall.
This young man needs our prayers for God’s protection, and for courage to continue on with his life. Young man, whoever you are; God bless you and keep you. May His light shine upon you and give you peace.