I Thought This Might Be Interesting

I was wondering how many people who read this would let me know if they are a Blankenship or related to any Blankenships.
Let me give you some info about myself.
I live very near the place where I was born and where I grew up. The community of Jenkins, Missouri. Born in Cassville, Missouri, and I currently live in an area known to the natives of the area as Cato, which is near to a small lake town known as Shell Knob.
My grandparents were “Bunk” Blankenship, and Chloe (Hudson) Blankenship. My parents are Mike and Juanity (Turpin) Blankenship. I am married to Madge (Andrews) Blankenship, and have been for 33 wonderful years. We have five children, and seven living grandchildren, one on the way, and two are with Jesus in Heaven.
My Grandfather “Bunk” spelled our last name with ‘in’ rather than the ‘en’ as we do. The name is still the same no matter how you spell it. I do not know why we changed it, but we did.
No matter how you spell it I would be extremely glad to hear from you. Tell me about yourself in the comments section. I will post it later on. No bad language please.