Spring 2012 – School is Out

May 17 was the last day of School at Cassville R-IV School District in Cassville, MO.  That is about 11 days earlier than last year.

We had a rather mild Winter, so we had fewer days to make up due to weather, ice, snow and such things.  We only had one snow day, and we made it up by getting out a bit later than scheduled.

Anyway, School is out; Summer is on the way, and boy am I glad to see it.

Have a great finish to Spring, and a whole Summer of warmth, rain, and sunshine.

The Blessings of the LORD of hosts be with you.


For Anyone Who Is Interested

It has not been too many days ago that we had the first snow fall of the season. It, however, did not amount to much. For that I am glad. It is not that I don’t like snow; I don’t like cold weather, and it seems that the two just happen to go together.
Last night [Sunday] the weather suddenly turned from an almost balmy, warm Spring time temperature in the sixties during the afternoon to freezing and below. From the time my wife and I left our church the temp dropped fourteen degrees, and that was driving a short 17 miles. It only takes us about 30 minutes, with about one third of that time spent driving the last two miles to our home (it is a rough dirt/gravel road).
When I arose this morning, planning to go and drive my School Bus I looked out the window and everything looked pretty good. There was a dusting of snow on the car, but nothing bad. I spent time doing my quiet time and then blogging, and then got myself ready for leaving for town (also 17 miles away) to go and drive the Bus.
I got in the car, and was out of our driveway when my wife called me on my cell telling me “Joe called, and there is no school today” (Joe is our Supervisor for the bus drivers). Because there was no school I saved a little bit of gas.
I saw Joe later in town, and he told me there was a thin sheet of ice on the school parking lots, and that was mostly the reason for the cancellation. While my wife and I were in town it was snowing, and the weather reports are calling for 1 – 4 inches of it by morning. If we get that there will be no classes for Tuesday. Our last day of School for this year was going to be on Friday December 19, but we may get a few extra days, if things continue as they are.
That is one of the problems with Winter. Mostly it is the cold of Winter I dislike. I prefer to be warm, even hot compared to being cold. I like the seasons, and I thank God our Savior for giving me these days. I appreciate those warms days even more.
Have a great Winter, and be thankful to our Lord.
-Tim A. Blankenship

Winter’s Cold Ice – Again

It has happened once again. The State of Missouri has been hit with an ice storm again. I think this makes the third one in the past 13 months. In January of 2007 several thousand homes were without power, and for quite some time people were hurting without heat, and the comfort of their homes.

I don’t know of any in my area who have lost power. I must give our Electric Cooperative applause for their maintenance of our electric lines. The Barry Electric Cooperative is very good at keeping the wires cleared of timber and brush. Even that though, sometimes is not enough. This ice can grow quite heavy as it builds up on the lines. These men are ever vigilant to keep the power on and for that I am grateful to them, as should be all their customers. Let me make one thing clear before I continue with this post; I am not an employee of the cooperative, but only a customer, and I guess since it is a Rural Cooperative I am a member as well, who is very proud of these men and women who keep it going.

This is being written on the second day of school cancellation at the Cassville School District. My usual departing time for the morning – to go and drive the school bus – is about 5:15 a.m., and it takes me approximately 30 minutes to get to the bus garage. When I left yesterday morning it was about that same time. There was ice on the car, which I had to break loose from the door, then started the car, took the ice scraper to the windows, then departed. I had gotten nearly half way to Cassville when my wife called my cell phone and told me that my Supervisor had called with his automated call, and informed all drivers there was no school.

I found a place to turn around, and I came back home. The roads were getting “slickery”. That word “slickery” is a word I learned from my four year old grandson. I liked it so I use it here. They were icing, slushy, and driving carefully is required in such conditions. When I found a good place to turn around I came home. Then, it continued to pile up some more.

The temps are not bitterly cold, but it is still Winter, and I am still waiting for Spring to arrive. I have never made it any secret that Spring and Summer are my two favorite seasons of the year. I am, however, very grateful to our God and Creator, for everyday of life and living. It all comes from Him.

Post Thanksgiving

It was great to have the three days off from driving the School Bus, for what the School called Thanksgiving Break. It just did not last long enough. It is amazing how fast time goes by.
I think that part of the reason the time went by so fast, and it did not seem like there were five days involved in this past weekend, is because I spent most of the day at the hospital having an MRI done on me. They were trying to figure out why my blood pressure is being so obstinate. The report came back, “There is no significant problem”; whatever that means. For that I am thankful. Thank YOU Lord Jesus.
The question comes to my mind sometimes as to why I have high blood pressure. My thinking sometimes goes back to something I remember saying a few years ago in a sermon I preached, and speaking of holding bitterness, and anger toward others, as being the cause of such. I have searched my heart concerning this matter, and there is no one who I can think of which I am angry or bitter toward. Bitterness, anger, envy, and such things as that can cause physical problems. I still believe that. Will continue to believe that until I am shown otherwise.
Paul the apostle spoke of a “Thorn in the flesh” which God had given him to keep him humble concerning his heavenly experience. I sometimes feel that way about my blood pressure, but I have no word from God on that matter. I do know that my life is entirely in His hands. He is the one who is keeping me alive, and He is the only one who can take my life from me.
As I write this it is raining outside. There are predictions of a winter storm moving in with cold, ice, snow, freezing rain. Cassville Schools have been cancelled for the day. That is why I am still at the computer. I was getting ready to leave a few minutes ago when they called from the Bus Garage to let me know they had called school off today. They told me they had tried to get me earlier but the line was busy. That is the problem with having a single phone line and dial up internet service.
We had a great service at Carr Lane Baptist Church last evening. We finished the study in the fourth chapter of Romans. Isn’t the grace of our Lord really marvellous. We also prayed for the sick, and for blessing and encouragement of our members.
Let me say that anyone coming across this blog is welcome to leave a comment. I am just particularly interested if you are a Blankenship, or know some Blankenship. Please let me know.