Ronald Reagan and Freedom

“We were sent here to move America forward again by putting people back in charge of their own country, to promote growth to give individuals the opportunities to reach for their dreams, to strengthen institutions of family, school, church, and community, to make the United States a stronger leader for peace, freedom, and progress abroad, and, through it all, to renew our faith in the God who has blessed our land.”

Ronald Reagan  12/12/1983 12:00:00 AM

A Family Weekend ’09

My wife and I have what some would call a large family. It doesn’t seem that large to me when I know of some parents who have 16 children. I don’t know them personally. I do know personally one family who has 8 children they have raised and in the process of raising. I really think large families are great. You’re never short of a friend that way.

Our family of 5 children, minus one (he and his wife were away to Florida for their 6th Anniversary), their spouses, and our grandkids had our annual family get together at our son Philip’s and wife Sarah’s home in Booneville, AR. Our eldest son Timothy, his wife Sarah, their three kids; Naomi, Josiah, and Eli; along with Madge and I journeyed down that way last Thursday evening – Madge and I rode with them. Charity, husband Paul and their three kids; Rachelle, Jonathan, and Caitlyn beat us there. Monica, husband Sam, and Addison came along on Friday evening. It was James and Amber who was away for their Anniversary, and we missed them being with us, but understand.

On Friday my parents Mike and Juanita were brought down by my sister Jane so we could go up Magazine Mountain. They have quite the park on the mountain, and we enjoyed the beautiful day which our LORD provided us. There were several scenic view areas and you could see for miles and miles. You can see the Arkansas River from those views, and it is about thirty miles North of there.

My Dad enjoys things like that, as do I, and we had a very good time. I think Dad was exhausted, as was Mom, and they drove back home that afternoon. We were all pretty worn out for the day.

On Saturday we spent the day playing, enjoying the weather, each other’s company, and that evening we went swimming in the City Park Swimming Pool. We had rented it for a couple of hours. No one there but the Blankenship family, and the Life Guards. It was a nice way to spend the evening and to finish off the day.

Following church on Sunday we had Sunday Dinner together with Philip and Sarah Joyce, Rene’e, and Natalie (Philip’s and Sarah’s two). We packed up and returned home. We arrived home around 5:30 p.m. and spent the evening resting.

We missed the people of our church on Sunday. Look forward to being back this Sunday. They are like family to us. Best people I have ever had the privilege of being their pastor. I pray that I can become a better pastor for them, and always proclaim God’s Word for them to hear.

Great weekend. Great kids and grandkids. Majestic God and Savior. What a wonderful life.

-Tim A. Blankenship

Loose Lips

The lies people tell are not just little “white lies”. Lies are destructive. They harm people, and even the one who is telling them.

There is a phrase which has been said for years, “Loose lips sink ships”, and man, is that ever so. The ship that lies sink will be the life of the one whose lips are loose. No home, church, or organization can long exist when lies are told.

Malicious lies are especially harmful. That is, when someone lies to purposely harm or hurt another person, or organization. This form of lying is one which God calls an abomination. That is in the same line as gross sexual immorality. No liar has any part with God.

I guess I am writing this because lies have recently been told of myself. They have been exposed for what they are, ie., the lies. The person involved has not acknowledged any involvement, but offered this apology, “I am sorry for all the words that have been said”. Now, when this individual has been the one saying them, that is not much of an apology. I pray that this individual will get their personal life right with God. Any one who lies like this is not right with Him, and have opened their lives for judgment; unless they seek forgiveness from Him.

This individual has left our church. I believe the Lord takes care of problems in His Church. I just pray this does not go to the church they are not in.

The lies told were not lies of any real merit. They would not do any real harm to me. As a matter of fact, I originally laughed about it, and I still laugh about it, except for the harm it could do to our church. One lie was that I had, during VBS (Vacation Bible School) in July, dropped off some of the kids along the main highway, and had them walk home. I drove the bus. The closest I came to that was dropping them off on the edge of the road that runs about 200 yards from their home. It was also told that I refused to take the kids home on Friday evening, the night of Parent’s Night. The bus did not run that evening. The parents/guardians were responsible for seeing their child arrived, and were returned home.

Because of these things some of the people of our church has left, and say they are not returning. When I have spoken to some of this matter, they tell me their leaving has nothing to do with those things. It is always something else.

May God forgive us all. And He does.

In the end, “Loose lips” still “sink ships”.

Let Me Tell You About My Days

Today is the first day of Summer vacation from driving the School Bus. I am so glad for Summer vacation. Now, it is not that I dislike kids (and I mean no offense by using the word kids; because I was always called a kid, and it never bothered me), it is just that they have a way; especially when they are screaming, fussing, fighting, playing; and all when they shouldn’t be; on getting on your nerves. After nine months of driving them I am ready for this break.
During school my days started on most days at 2:30 to 3:00 a.m. No! I did not have to get up that early to go and drive the bus. I get up that early to have a quiet time with the Lord, pray and read His Word, and to also write articles, and maintain the blogs that I have. I try not to do much, if any blogging during the daylight hours. I leave to drive the bus at 5:15 a.m., then drive approximately 17 miles one way to the bus garage, arrive there at around 5:50 a.m., do the pretrip, and leave to pick up the kids at 6:05 a.m. I have about a twenty five minute drive before I pick up the first student/rider. We then, arrive at the High School to drop off riders at around 7:45 a.m. and then, to the other shortly thereafter. The bus is parked by 7:50 a.m.
Most times I return home for breakfast with Madge (my wife), and after breadfast I am back in the office for studying the Word preparing for Wednesday night Bible Study and the sermons for Sunday morning and evening. I break for lunch around noon, and after lunch, I may take a short nap or return to the office to study some more. It is probably about an even split between which one I do.
At around 2:00 p.m. I return to the bus garage, to return the riders to their homes or sitters. I usually arrive back home around 5:30 p.m. or shortly thereafter. My evenings I usually spend relaxing, watching television news, then, programs Madge and I enjoy watching together, and there are times that I feel I need to update a blog or something like that.
There are some days that I will stay in town, or go down around Carr Lane and visit our church members.
Since School is out my plans are to spend two days other than Sunday and Wednesday on the church field visiting members and the people of the Carr Lane area. I am still planning on arising before the chickens at around 3:00 a.m., during my Summer vacation

Looking Forward to Summer

Here it is that we are nearly two thirds of the way through Spring, and I am looking forward to Summer. Spring and Summer are my two favorite times of year. Spring because everything starts coming back to life. The trees begin to grow their leaves again, the grass begins to green and grow – now if you hate mowing your yard you will hate that part of it – and the air begins to warm and the blood begins to flow through the veins again. There is life. Summer, because it is warm and sometimes hot. I like heat, but not too much heat. I can stand the heat, and endure the cold, but when it comes to cold, that is all it is enduring.
One thing I am glad of about Summer is that School will be out. It is good that whoever set up our school system to have a Summer break was wise. It is too hot for children to be in classes in July. It is also good, because it gives teachers, and bus drivers a break from the hustle and bustle of those large and tiny voices. Teachers, I do not mean to demean your work, it is a good one, but you are mostly standing facing your students. The bus driver has them all at his back. Remember, someone once said, “A school bus driver is someone who has all his troubles behind him.” I like that. Kids are great. They all need teaching and direction. They all need Jesus as their Lord and Savior as well.
I like Summer. I am looking forward to our Fourth of July get together down at the Old Swimming Hole. I am looking forward to my immediate family getting together on my wife’s birthday. We have started making that an annual event. The kids will all be here and having fun, barbequeing, eating, drinking sodas, tea, water and juices.
Another thing I am looking forward to this Summer is trying to be the pastor to Carr Lane Baptist Church that I should be. We have Vacation Bible School coming in July 16-20, and we are waiting to here from Angel Food Ministries, and hopefull will be starting that ministry to our area. Making visits in the homes of the people. Visiting homes in the area of our church, and prayerfully pointing some folks to Jesus.
This Summer will be great.