Questions, Questions, Questions

The more I know; the more I realize I don’t know. Does that make any sense? I think it does. Anyone who has any real sense realizes that the more we learn the more we realize we need to learn. Am I right?

Questions are usually asked by the questioner for the purpose of learning. How many of us who have children and grandchildren haven’t had one come up to us with one of those questions, and then, always; upon hearing the answer, ask, “Why?” The question that ends all questions. Sometimes there are really odd, and silly questions like, “Why is that car yellow?” The obvious answer to that is “Because they wanted it yellow”, or they bought it that way.

Questions also sometimes spark a debate. Debate is sometimes good. Debates sometimes turn into heated arguments.

I know I am just rambling it seems. “Why?” I am not really sure. I feel like rambling I guess. This is going to be online for the whole cyber world to read. And I really don’t care. I know others feel like this at times. I read some of their blogs and other stuff, so I know. Even politicians; like our President of the USA, rambles on a lot and never says anything meaningful, or constructive. I think I have that right too.

Well! Welcome to Autumn or Fall as we call it often. We are well into the Fall of the year, but around where I live the grass is still green and growing. Farmers are still putting up hay, though it must be a booger to cure for baling.

There is one thing I know and am assured of that God is God. He is Creator of all that is, has been or ever will be; and He has a Son whose name is Jesus who died on a cross for my sins and the world’s sins, was buried, and He rose again. One day He is coming; and to that day I look with great expectation.

Still I want to know more, because the more I know the more I realize I don’t know.

-Tim A. Blankenship

Winter’s Cold Ice – Again

It has happened once again. The State of Missouri has been hit with an ice storm again. I think this makes the third one in the past 13 months. In January of 2007 several thousand homes were without power, and for quite some time people were hurting without heat, and the comfort of their homes.

I don’t know of any in my area who have lost power. I must give our Electric Cooperative applause for their maintenance of our electric lines. The Barry Electric Cooperative is very good at keeping the wires cleared of timber and brush. Even that though, sometimes is not enough. This ice can grow quite heavy as it builds up on the lines. These men are ever vigilant to keep the power on and for that I am grateful to them, as should be all their customers. Let me make one thing clear before I continue with this post; I am not an employee of the cooperative, but only a customer, and I guess since it is a Rural Cooperative I am a member as well, who is very proud of these men and women who keep it going.

This is being written on the second day of school cancellation at the Cassville School District. My usual departing time for the morning – to go and drive the school bus – is about 5:15 a.m., and it takes me approximately 30 minutes to get to the bus garage. When I left yesterday morning it was about that same time. There was ice on the car, which I had to break loose from the door, then started the car, took the ice scraper to the windows, then departed. I had gotten nearly half way to Cassville when my wife called my cell phone and told me that my Supervisor had called with his automated call, and informed all drivers there was no school.

I found a place to turn around, and I came back home. The roads were getting “slickery”. That word “slickery” is a word I learned from my four year old grandson. I liked it so I use it here. They were icing, slushy, and driving carefully is required in such conditions. When I found a good place to turn around I came home. Then, it continued to pile up some more.

The temps are not bitterly cold, but it is still Winter, and I am still waiting for Spring to arrive. I have never made it any secret that Spring and Summer are my two favorite seasons of the year. I am, however, very grateful to our God and Creator, for everyday of life and living. It all comes from Him.

Update – Autumn

This is just to update all who are interested concerning my blood pressure and such. I was not given permission to return to driving the school bus. The blood pressure was down at home, but back up when I went to the doctors office. Because of that he told me to come back “Next Monday” – that will be on the 19th, and check it again.
I went off to Springfield yesterday, ie., Friday Nov. 16, and forgot to take some of my meds with me so now I may be back where I was a week ago.
I now have an appointment set with a cardiologist for December 5th, however if I have no job driving the school bus I have no insurance. If I have no insurance I will not be going to the cardiologist. Things like that are too expensive. I have a pretty strong heart. The only one who can stop is my Creator, God and Savior. Please pray for my family and me.
O, Lord, I am in YOUR hands. YOU are the Great Physician.


As I was driving my School Bus route this morning; it was the first time since beginning this route two weeks ago that I had seen the lake as the sun came up.
I enjoy being up before the sun rises. I use to almost hate being up that early, but I did not know what I was missing. Of course during that time I was also more of a ‘Nightowl’ and stayed up till all hours of the night and into the morning at times. I know that I would much rather be up and going early and see the sun rising than going on and on and on after sunset.
Now for those who like the sunset, I can also agree with you, but to me there is something special about sunrise. It signals the beginning of a brandnew day. It is the sign of new things. It is hope that this day will be better than the one before.
As I drove by the lake with the sun not yet up over the horizon I could see the reflection of the tree covered Ozarks hills in the waters with the glow of sunrise. I see that and I think, ‘My how wonderful our God, our Creator is. That He could make this all for us.’
Let me challenge you; if you have not seen a sunrise in a while try it Tuesday morning April 03, 2007. If you make it that far, then, be thankful that you made it another day.