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Potato Garden

I know.  It has been several months since I wrote anything here.  This has not been a priority with me, but I will endeavor to make it so. A few weeks ago I bought some seed potatoes (35 pounds), and … Continue reading

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Summer Heat Has Arrived

Summer time has always been my favorite time of year.  When I was a kid I looked forward to it because I would be out of school, and there would be hay to rake, bale, and haul to the barn.  … Continue reading

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Getting a Good Rain

We are getting a very good rain today.  Since it began this morning it has been coming down slow, easy, and soaking the ground.  I do not believe there is any run off.  I know that does not help the … Continue reading

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I am For Amendment One – The Right to Farm

There are a lot of good people on both sides of Amendment 1; the right to farm amendment.  I am for it, and will vote for it. Some tell us that we already have a right to farm.  We have … Continue reading

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Coldest Day – So Far

When I came into my living room this morning about 4:45 the thermometer read minus two (-2) degrees.  Thirty minutes later it was at -3 degrees.  The last time a took a look it was at -4 degrees. I just … Continue reading

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Good Advice from an Old Farmer

A Facebook friend posted this there.  I thought I would share it here at FLAT CREEK ROLLING. Take a little good Advice from an old Farmer: Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong. Keep skunks and bankers at … Continue reading

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