My Thoughts on a Former President

Many of the people who are patriots of our nation have no clue of the danger that is lurking at our doors. Terrorism is not the real threat to us, it is only a symptom. Illegal immigration is not the real threat to our nation. In writing this I certainly do not mean to sound so negative, or opposed to our nation, but I am really trying to defend us, and get us headed in the right direction.

The real threat to our nation is the idolatry pervading our land. The idolatry of technology, medicine, money/finance, recreation, comfort, convenience, even the idolizing of our children. Globalization is also an idol of many. The people involved in this seems to thing if we could just have one world peace, one world economy, one world religion, then all would be well. That is a farce.

When we have a former President of our Country saying that our nation is evil for its support of Israel then, we have problems, and I for one am glad to call him a “Former President”. The man no longer has a heart for our Country. It seems more that he has his heart set on being a world leader, than a man of God, I once thought him to be. I have never thought Jimmy Carter to have been a good President, but I did see him as a good Christian, he seemed to care for the poor, and our nation, but not any longer. He would give us all over to the hands of Satan.

The following is a quote printed from Baptist Press concerning Jimmy Carter’s comments at a human rights conference in Dublin, Ireland on June 19, 2007;

“The United States and European Union should recognize the terrorist organization Hamas as a legitimate component of the Palestinian government, former President Jimmy Carter said at a human rights conference in Dublin, Ireland, June 19.Hamas, he said, had won free and fair elections in 2006, making the United States’ refusal to aid the Palestinian faction and recognize its right to govern a “criminal” act.Carter said he believes both Western governments and Israel are favoring the rival Fatah party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, which now only governs the West Bank. Fatah also governed the Gaza Strip until Hamas fighters violently overthrew the party there earlier in June. Hamas, which executed members of the rival party in the street after its victory, had prevailed over the Fatah-controlled security forces in Gaza because of its fighters’ “superior skill and discipline,” Carter said.”

It is despicable, at least to myself, to hear a former leader of the United States of America say such traitorous things. It certainly shows he has no idea of God’s promises to the Nation of Israel. The trouble makers in the Middle East is not Israel, but the Palestinians. Their own proclaimed goal is the extinction of Israel. When will this former leader open his eyes and see the truth? Maybe he has a personal agenda in this. If he thinks he is a “Peacemaker” as in Jesus’s words, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9), he had better rethink that thought. It does not fit with the agenda.

My thoughts from June 28, 2007 are still the same.

Just Thinking

I was just thinking that it has been a while since posting anything here at “To Everything…A Season”, and yet thinking it will probably just be a filler; although I pray not.

It seems that I may be getting a little tired of this blogging thing. I have deleted a few of them I use to have; here on Blogger and at WordPress, as well. I don’t have in mind to delete any more. I will not start any more either. It is hard to keep up with all of the ones I have now, and do any thing of quality, or what I might consider quality.

Like the title of this blog is TO EVERYTHING …A SEASON, and so we see that this is a part of EVERYTHING.

We have just finished the first month of Winter, and boy was it a doozy. Snow, cold, frozen water lines; and God’s grace is always abundant; no matter what the weather.

There are times that I get so discouraged. Discouraged with myself, and my lack of verbal witnessing. Discouraged with our finances. Discouraged about being discouraged. Now, that one is a real dinger isn’t it? I think it is silly and a waste of a good mind; not to mention time; to be discouraged. Like David, king of Israel of old, I just must encourage myself in the LORD.

It seems that we are finally going to be able to move into our own house. I only pray we can fit. God will provide, and give us grace. Though this writing may not seem like it; I am a thankful person. Never, can we praise and thank the LORD enough for His many blessings.

Like I said JUST THINKING. Sometimes is does us all good to use our mind to muse on certain things, and even most things.

Back again soon.

-Tim A. Blankenship