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I Will Be Voting…

…By the grace of God I will be voting on Tuesday November 08, 2016.  I will not be voting for “the lesser of two evils”. I will be voting for the candidate who will honor their pledge (at their inauguration) … Continue reading

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The Verdict is In

And Justice has been served.  If the Grand Jury would have decided with public pressure, or emotion there would not be justice. They did however base their decision on the evidence and testimony they were given.  Justice has been served. … Continue reading

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Thieves, Crooks, and Culprits

It is horrible what some people will stoop so low to do.  Are they even in the human race?  Of course they are but they are depraved and wicked of mind and heart.  What am I writing about?  Thieves, crooks … Continue reading

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Confusion in the World

These are my personal observations and I don’t mean to be preachy about it. People want justice, but not for others.  Case in point.  Casey Anthony case in Florida.  Casey was on trial for First degree murder and could have … Continue reading

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