Just Thinking

I was just thinking that it has been a while since posting anything here at “To Everything…A Season”, and yet thinking it will probably just be a filler; although I pray not.

It seems that I may be getting a little tired of this blogging thing. I have deleted a few of them I use to have; here on Blogger and at WordPress, as well. I don’t have in mind to delete any more. I will not start any more either. It is hard to keep up with all of the ones I have now, and do any thing of quality, or what I might consider quality.

Like the title of this blog is TO EVERYTHING …A SEASON, and so we see that this is a part of EVERYTHING.

We have just finished the first month of Winter, and boy was it a doozy. Snow, cold, frozen water lines; and God’s grace is always abundant; no matter what the weather.

There are times that I get so discouraged. Discouraged with myself, and my lack of verbal witnessing. Discouraged with our finances. Discouraged about being discouraged. Now, that one is a real dinger isn’t it? I think it is silly and a waste of a good mind; not to mention time; to be discouraged. Like David, king of Israel of old, I just must encourage myself in the LORD.

It seems that we are finally going to be able to move into our own house. I only pray we can fit. God will provide, and give us grace. Though this writing may not seem like it; I am a thankful person. Never, can we praise and thank the LORD enough for His many blessings.

Like I said JUST THINKING. Sometimes is does us all good to use our mind to muse on certain things, and even most things.

Back again soon.

-Tim A. Blankenship

Questions, Questions, Questions

The more I know; the more I realize I don’t know. Does that make any sense? I think it does. Anyone who has any real sense realizes that the more we learn the more we realize we need to learn. Am I right?

Questions are usually asked by the questioner for the purpose of learning. How many of us who have children and grandchildren haven’t had one come up to us with one of those questions, and then, always; upon hearing the answer, ask, “Why?” The question that ends all questions. Sometimes there are really odd, and silly questions like, “Why is that car yellow?” The obvious answer to that is “Because they wanted it yellow”, or they bought it that way.

Questions also sometimes spark a debate. Debate is sometimes good. Debates sometimes turn into heated arguments.

I know I am just rambling it seems. “Why?” I am not really sure. I feel like rambling I guess. This is going to be online for the whole cyber world to read. And I really don’t care. I know others feel like this at times. I read some of their blogs and other stuff, so I know. Even politicians; like our President of the USA, rambles on a lot and never says anything meaningful, or constructive. I think I have that right too.

Well! Welcome to Autumn or Fall as we call it often. We are well into the Fall of the year, but around where I live the grass is still green and growing. Farmers are still putting up hay, though it must be a booger to cure for baling.

There is one thing I know and am assured of that God is God. He is Creator of all that is, has been or ever will be; and He has a Son whose name is Jesus who died on a cross for my sins and the world’s sins, was buried, and He rose again. One day He is coming; and to that day I look with great expectation.

Still I want to know more, because the more I know the more I realize I don’t know.

-Tim A. Blankenship