The Autumn of the Year

I just looked in the MIRRIAM/WEBSTER DICTIONARY to make sure I was spelling the word “Autumn” correctly. I was, and noticed the definition was, “The season between Summer and Winter.” That is a correct definition.
I must admit Autumn or Fall is not my favorite season of the year. It has its beauties, with the changing of the leaves on the trees, especially here in the State of Missouri; the hills are full of color. It is amazing how our God paints such a beautiful picture even in the picture of aging and dying. Therein lies the reason Autumn is not my favorite time of year. I appears as death and dying. It is not that I fear dying or death, because I know where I am spending eternity, and that is with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
One of the things I don’t like about it is the cold. I like being warm, and even being hot is not as hard to bear. I can cool down much easier and in a more enjoyable fashion, than by trying to get warm. When it turns cold, I am never warm; that is not to say that I am freezing or anything like that. The cold just gets in me, and I am not warm until Spring comes around again.
I am not liking this Fall especially. I went to the doctor yesterday, and my blood pressure was way high, and he grounded me/suspended me from driving the School Bus. It is for an indefinite period. I am hopeing that when I go back to see him on Monday he can renew my health certificate and I can get back to driving. I am appreciative of a Supervisor at the School who is willing to work with me, give me a medical leave, keep my route for me, and get paid while I am off too. I have twenty days of sick leave, so that should be taken care of. One thing the doctor told me was that he was going to get me an appointment with a cardiologist. I don’t know when that will be yet.
If things don’t work out with driving, then, I know the Lord has something greater in mind. This Fall/Autumn is the season of color, and a reminder that life on this earth is not forever. God is in control of life and that is what makes the whole year, and the four seasons so interesting. Life might be a little boring if every day was the same, and every season of the years, as well as the seasons of life.
My wife and I went to the Missouri Baptist Convention the week of October 29-31 at the Tan-Tara Resort on the Lake of the Ozarks. It is a beautiful location, the weather was great, and some events of the Convention were disappointing; but the preaching was great, and the singing was fantastic. God is good.


As I was driving my School Bus route this morning; it was the first time since beginning this route two weeks ago that I had seen the lake as the sun came up.
I enjoy being up before the sun rises. I use to almost hate being up that early, but I did not know what I was missing. Of course during that time I was also more of a ‘Nightowl’ and stayed up till all hours of the night and into the morning at times. I know that I would much rather be up and going early and see the sun rising than going on and on and on after sunset.
Now for those who like the sunset, I can also agree with you, but to me there is something special about sunrise. It signals the beginning of a brandnew day. It is the sign of new things. It is hope that this day will be better than the one before.
As I drove by the lake with the sun not yet up over the horizon I could see the reflection of the tree covered Ozarks hills in the waters with the glow of sunrise. I see that and I think, ‘My how wonderful our God, our Creator is. That He could make this all for us.’
Let me challenge you; if you have not seen a sunrise in a while try it Tuesday morning April 03, 2007. If you make it that far, then, be thankful that you made it another day.