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Maybe I will be Getting Back

It has been a while since I shared anything on this blog, so I thought I would today. Cassville Schools started back on August 16, 2017; so I am back in full swing as a School bus driver.  There is … Continue reading

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April’s Showers and May Flowers

We have been getting bunches of rain around here.  It is good to get, and I am sure ruins the plans of human ideas.  Let us be real though.  Without rain we perish. Inches and inches of rain has fallen.  … Continue reading

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Flat Creek Has Been Rolling Heavy

We have received 9 – 10 inches of rain from Saturday night through Monday evening.  At last look at my bucket it had about 9 inches in it and we received a bit more after that. I am including some … Continue reading

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Let it Rain

I was planning on doing some mowing today.  The very back of our yard that is beside the Creek needs mowing. I will not curse the rain though. It is a much needed blessing.  There are places in the U. … Continue reading

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It seems that it has rained all night.  As a matter of fact I think it is still raining. That will be wonderful for the ground and the Creek.  Thank you Lord for the refreshing rain. -tim

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Day of Sunshine

Since the last few days; at least since Friday the 11th of October; we have had mostly clouds and rain.  We were blessed to receive almost seven inches of the blessing of heaven.  The rain even caused the Creek to … Continue reading

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Getting a Good Hard Rain

We have been blessed with rain through the night.  It was quite pleasant to wake a few time in the night and hear the drops of heaven playing their lovely song on our roof. Even now as I write there … Continue reading

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