Questions, Questions, Questions

The more I know; the more I realize I don’t know. Does that make any sense? I think it does. Anyone who has any real sense realizes that the more we learn the more we realize we need to learn. Am I right?

Questions are usually asked by the questioner for the purpose of learning. How many of us who have children and grandchildren haven’t had one come up to us with one of those questions, and then, always; upon hearing the answer, ask, “Why?” The question that ends all questions. Sometimes there are really odd, and silly questions like, “Why is that car yellow?” The obvious answer to that is “Because they wanted it yellow”, or they bought it that way.

Questions also sometimes spark a debate. Debate is sometimes good. Debates sometimes turn into heated arguments.

I know I am just rambling it seems. “Why?” I am not really sure. I feel like rambling I guess. This is going to be online for the whole cyber world to read. And I really don’t care. I know others feel like this at times. I read some of their blogs and other stuff, so I know. Even politicians; like our President of the USA, rambles on a lot and never says anything meaningful, or constructive. I think I have that right too.

Well! Welcome to Autumn or Fall as we call it often. We are well into the Fall of the year, but around where I live the grass is still green and growing. Farmers are still putting up hay, though it must be a booger to cure for baling.

There is one thing I know and am assured of that God is God. He is Creator of all that is, has been or ever will be; and He has a Son whose name is Jesus who died on a cross for my sins and the world’s sins, was buried, and He rose again. One day He is coming; and to that day I look with great expectation.

Still I want to know more, because the more I know the more I realize I don’t know.

-Tim A. Blankenship

Just Another Rambling

It seems that most of the thoughts I write here are just ramblings. What I am doing is writing what is presently on my heart. Some of it is basically meaningless, at least to those who may read it; other than myself.
Sometimes I get really aggravated with people. Adults, especially Chrisitian adults, sometimes just need to put their feelings aside and go on with the way life is. Brush those feelings off the sleeve and go on loving like Jesus calls us to. Maybe I have grown hard, and don’t let accusations bother me anymore. It bothers me more what the accuser is doing to themselves. It bothers me more that they are telling things to others and turning them off of Christ. It hurts to see my Christian brothers and sisters behaving so childishly.
Another thing is why do kids [children to you more sophisticated folks] not understand the safety rules for riding on a school bus. You know the simple things; like, stay in your seat; no standing, turning around backwards in the seat, no crawling on the floor – in the aisle or under the seats, no eating or drinking on the bus. These are all safety issues. If one child makes a sudden movement or scream this distracts the driver, and could very easily cause an accident. Today I caught a elementary age boy sneaking a candy treat from his case, and I asked him to bring it to me. He was upset. When he got off the bus at his home he asked if he could have his snack, and I told him no. I think that really upset him. He lost it. Period.
That’s about enough of ramblings for today. Until next time. Say, after the Autumn begins.