The Month of Thanksgiving – Sixteenth

Today I am thankful for our fifth born child, third born son James. James was born in November of 1982 in Aurora, MO.

James is married to the lovely Amber. They live in Mount Vernon, MO. and they are happy pet owners to a couple of big dogs.

James and Amber for for a business in Aurora taking care of other people, and their needs. James is a loving, kind, tender, and caring man; as is Amber.

James knows the Lord as does Amber.  I thank the Lord for James everyday; and I am very thankful that the good Lord gave him to us.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek,


The Month of Thanksgiving – Fifteenth

On this the fifteenth day of November  2019 I am thankful for our fourth born child, our second son Philip.

Philip was born in  Springfield as was the first and the third child.  He is married to  lovely young woman name of Sarah Joyce; and they have three beautiful daughters. They live in the State of Arkansas, the town of Booneville.

He is the pastor of at least one church, and has his own business as a financial adviser. He loves God in His Son Jesus Christ, His wife, and their three daughters.

So Lord, I do thank You for giving him to Madge and I, and thank You for the great things he has brought into our lives.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek,


The Month of Thanksgiving – Fourteenth

I am thankful today for my third born child, who is our firstborn son.

Timothy named after me for his first name, and my Dad Mike for his middle name. He was born in Springfield, MO in 1979.  It was such a joy for Madge and I to be blessed with a son.

Timothy has a wonderful wife Sarah, and they have four wonderful children; Naomi, Josiah, Eli, and Lydia. Timothy is the pastor of the Baptist Church in Stott’s City, MO, and is employed by Baptist Hill Campgrounds near Mount Vernon.

Timothy, Sarah, and our grandkids are truly a blessing from the Lord and we are thankful for them, their love for each other and their children; and also the love and respect they give Madge and me.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek,


The Month of Thanksgiving – 13

Today I will be thankful for our second born child and daughter, Monica.  Monica was born in the cold and icy month of January 1977 at the Baptist Hospital in Louisville, KY. She was born while I was a student at Boyce Bible School, part of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Monica is a great daughter, mild mannered, loving, and kind.  She is married to a fine man by the name of Sam. Monica and Sam are hard working, and devoted to one another and the care of their two children Addyson and AlexZander. They also have a great love and respect for Madge and I; and Sam’s mother Kathy too.

I am thankful to the Lord that I was and I still am blessed to have such a daughter, and her fine family.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek


The Month of Thanksgiving – 12

I am thankful for each of Madge’s and my children who have grown into fine, strong, respectable adults. Today I will begin with our first born.

We named her Charity when she was born, because the name means “love” especially godly love.  That name is fit for her still.

I am thankful for her because she is my daughter, because of her faith in God, through His Son Jesus Christ, and she also loves her family, and has been strong, faithful, and loving in being a wife to her husband Paul; and a strong and loving mother to her three children – our grandchildren; Rachelle, Jonathan, and Caitlyn.

I am thankful for the Lord’s goodness in watching over her through the years; and especially these last two years.

Thank You Lord for Charity and her family.

The Month of Thanksgiving – 11

On this 11th day of the month of Thanksgiving I am thankful for my wife Madge.  She has loved me, stood by me through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health as she is an encouragement to me.

For over forty six years she has tolerated me when I was very unloving, or unkind to her. I love her more than my own life, and I thank our Creator for her every day.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek,


The Month of Thanksgiving – 8, 9, & 10

I am thankful that I remembered today. For some reason I neglected to give a thanks for the 8th and the 9th; so I will include them today.

For Friday November the 8th I am thankful for the sunshine, and its warmth for the day, for our well, and that I was able to tend its need, which I had overlooked for some time.

For Saturday November the 9th I am thankful for the day Madge and I spent together going to the Queen City of the Ozarks, seeing both daughters, getting a couple of beds for our bedrooms, the visit with Larry and Margaret; and the beautiful drive home through Ozark, Highlandville, Abesville, Galena, and through Wheelerville, and on home. It is a wonderful drive through God’s country and country side.

Today, Sunday November 10, It is Veteran’s Day for remembering all who have signed that blank check even to the giving of their lives if necessary; thankful for all the sacrifices they have made for our Nation.

Thankful for the Lord’s work in my life and for His work in all our lives.  God is good, great, awesome, and glorious. He is worthy of all praise and thanksgiving.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek,


The Month of Thanksgiving – 7

It is so easy to complain; but when you are given a grateful heart from the Lord you will be a grateful and thankful person.

The reason for the above statement is that there are times I can so easily find something to complain about; and complaining is the opposite of thankfulness.

I am thankful for the things God has given me in which I can be thankful. Thankfulness even in a time of great pain, sorrow, grief, or fear is only a gift from God.

So I am thankful for thankfulness.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek,


The Month of Thanksgiving – 6

Today I am thankful for the Creator’s provision.  Without getting into the details of it I just thank Him for providing a need for today though His gracious hand.

I am also thankful for the rain He provides for our farmers, and everyone, and everything that needs water.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek,


The Month of Thanksgiving – 5

Today I want to express my thanks to the Creator who brought my wife Madge into my life. We have been blessed with 5 great children, and their spouses; Charity and her husband Paul; Monica and her husband Samson; Timothy and his wife Sarah L.; Philip and his wife Sarah J.; James and his wife Amber.

We have been blessed as well with twelve [12] grandchildren; four boys, and eight girls.

I am thankful that Madge and I have been together for forty six years plus some, and every day of each year was a learning experience, and a blessing for which I must thank my God and Savior.  Thank You Lord Jesus.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek,


The Month of Thanksgiving – 4

Hope you are having thankful day.

I am thankful for the sunshine today, and the warmth it provides for our planet. It has been said that if our distance from the sun was any greater we would all freeze to death; there would be no life here; and if it was any closer it would be far too hot.

So I am thankful to the Creator of all things for designing so intricate of details into the created order.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek,


The Month of Thanksgiving – 2 & 3

Since I overlooked posting a Thankful comment yesterday November 02, 2019 I will share two thanks today.

Yesterday was Youth Deer season, and our next to youngest grandson, Eli, got his first deer, so for that I am thankful. Thankful for that big smile his mother caught on camera as he knelt beside his first at the age of 11.  Thankful that he is enjoying the blessings of God’s creation, and His blessings.

For today I am thankful for this everyday, and most every moment of the day; and that is for God’s grace and mercy by which all can be saved from sin and the wrath of sin through Jesus Christ. I am thankful for the Church where I preach; and that they all have come under that grace through faith in Him.

Thankful from the banks of Flat Creek,


The Month of Thanksgiving

The day of Thanksgiving in the month of November, this year on the 28th day of the month is a National Holiday.  I am, however a man who enjoys being thankful everyday.

So for the month of November on this blog site I am planning on giving you at least one thing I am thankful for.  We need to ask the question; “To whom are we to be thankful?”

Yes we are to be thankful to family, wife for her husband, and the other way around. Thankful for the things others do for you. To whom are we to give thanks ultimately?

Our thanks, ultimately, should be to our Creator who is our Lord, our Savior, and God, and Sustainer.

Today, I am grateful and thankful for the ability to move my fingers, my hands, my toes and feet, to move my legs, and that I can walk, even run some; and I can thank no one else but my Lord and God. So here it is…

Thank You Father for all the above.

From the banks of Flat Creek,


Thanksgiving, Winter, and Christmas

It has been over two months since I wrote here. To do some catchup work I will be short.

We had a wonderful family get together at Thanksgiving as usual. On Saturday following my son Timothy, his son Josiah [my grandson], and son-in-law Sam made a trip to St. Louis to watch the Cassville Wildcats defeat the Bowling Green Bobcats 23-7 in the Edward Jones Dome for the 3A State Championship. Quite a trip.

Now Winter has come. Such a delight it always is for me for the shortest day for daylight hours of of the year to roll around, and then, the days start getting longer. The sun has reached its lowest point in the Southern hemisphere and then begins its trek back North. That tells me that Spring and Summer are not far behind.

Now another Christmas has come and gone. We have celebrated the birth of our Lord and Savior. It is sad to me that far too many do not know what Christmas is about. How can it be wrong to remember God sending His Son? “This is the work of God, that you believe on Him whom He sent” (John 6:29). “Sent” to die for the sins of the world. “Sent” to do the Father’s will. “Sent” through the virgin conception and virgin birth through a woman named Mary. “Sent”, born in a manger in Bethlehem. No shame, no guilt, no sin for all who will trust in this One who was “Sent” to die for our sins.

It may be Winter, Spring is however, just around the corner.

-Tim A. Blankenship


As I was driving my School Bus route this morning; it was the first time since beginning this route two weeks ago that I had seen the lake as the sun came up.
I enjoy being up before the sun rises. I use to almost hate being up that early, but I did not know what I was missing. Of course during that time I was also more of a ‘Nightowl’ and stayed up till all hours of the night and into the morning at times. I know that I would much rather be up and going early and see the sun rising than going on and on and on after sunset.
Now for those who like the sunset, I can also agree with you, but to me there is something special about sunrise. It signals the beginning of a brandnew day. It is the sign of new things. It is hope that this day will be better than the one before.
As I drove by the lake with the sun not yet up over the horizon I could see the reflection of the tree covered Ozarks hills in the waters with the glow of sunrise. I see that and I think, ‘My how wonderful our God, our Creator is. That He could make this all for us.’
Let me challenge you; if you have not seen a sunrise in a while try it Tuesday morning April 03, 2007. If you make it that far, then, be thankful that you made it another day.

Thanksgiving Eve

I should be attending Wednesday evening Bible Study and Prayer Meeting this evening, but I woke this morning with runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, and that developed into a bad headache.
Not to mention that only, but I had an appointment at St. John’s Hospital in Cassville this morning to have an MRI done on me to try and figure out why my blood pressure is not cooperating. I lay in that machine for what seemed almost like forever, with my arms laid back over my head. After about half the time I was inside that tube my right shoulder began acheing, and I could not move, because of the test.
I just realized this sounds like I am complaining, but I do not mean to be. I am thankful that I am able to feel any pain. Pain is a friend, you know. It lets us know when something is wrong and that we need to find out what it is. Or, it could be a friend in letting you know that something is getting accomplished.
This is Thanksgiving Eve and like I said above, I should be in church this evening, but I decided to call and let them know I would not be coming due to the way I am feeling. If, this that I have making me sneeze is contagious, then I certainly do not want anyone at church to get it. I will be there on Sunday, the Lord willing, of course.
I hope everyone heard that WalMart has decided that they will not be giving out contributions to things which are of a controversial matter. That is good news, for which to be thankful.

Looking Forward to Thanksgiving

The Blankenship household of which I am a part; from my parents, to my own household get together for this wonderful day of the year. There have been times there has been 40 or more of us gathered at my Dad’s and Mom’s home.
My sisters, Jane, Judy and Jill; Jane’s husband Allen, Judy’s husband David, and Jill and her boys, and her boyfriend and his daughter sometimes; along with my brother Steve and his wife Deanna. All of their children are often there.
Most of my siblings children and Madge’s and mine are all married. There is the exception of Steve and Deanna’s son Jeffry. He is still in school. Jill’s two boys are not yet old enough to even think about marriage yet.
When you get our family together on Thanksgiving it is great to see so many of the family together celebrating Thanksgiving to the One who gave and gives so very much.
Just of my wife and I plus our children and grandchildren there are 19.
Anyone seeing this can see that we do have much to be very thankful for. The thing for which I am most thankful is the grace of my God and Savior Jesus Christ.
Leave your story in the comments, and it may get posted on the blog, if that is okay with you.