Flat Tire

Over a month ago I borrowed my Dad’s tractor and began doing some brush hawgin on our place.  It was looking pretty good until a broken shear-pin stopped it – the brush hawg that is.  So I was done for the day; then, after I got another pin for the PTO shaft of the machine the right front tire went flat.  It set for several days even over a month, before I decided to take it and get it fixed.

Well I did that on Wednesday morning.  Thursday morning [yesterday, October 13] I did some more brush hawgin finishing up the garden spot, and a small area of the corner of our back yard.  Then, I went down by the old barn, did a few rounds, then, guess what?  That is right.  The right front tire went flat again.

I got the tractor to a better location, then shut it down.  I guess I stuck a nail or something in it this time, because it went down fast.  What I did get done does look better now.

I guess you noticed that I changed the name of this blog?   YES! I did notice.

God is truly good and blesses beyond measure.



Brush Hoggin’

We had a weed patch in our back yard only a few feet from our back door.  I had just let the area over our septic lateral lines grow up; and weeds and grass and no telling just grew and grew and grew.  Some of the weeds had gotten up to five or six feet tall.  They were also pretty thick in some spots.

I thought it was time to brush hog them, and get it looking better; especially since a man from our church is coming with a skid steer to move our dirt mound on Monday, and I want to place it on part of this area to level and smooth it out; so I can mow it next Summer with the lawn mower.

Now it is done.  It looks like a new world out there.  I also cut the mess up by the gate, down the road, and other areas.  I was working on the garden spot when a bolt broke in the PTO shaft; thus no more spinning blades.  When I went to town to drive my School Bus I stopped at the hardware store, and got a bolt; a 9/16 x 3.5 inch bolt; and found out when I got home it needed to be a 1/2 x 3.5 inch bolt.  So I did not get the garden finished as I had planned; and then I noticed I had a flat on the right front tire of the tractor.  I guess I picked up a thorn in the tire.  I have noticed that tire likes to go flat more often than the others.

Let me tell you a little bit about the tractor.  It is a 1966 Ford 2000 with a three cylinder diesel engine.  It has been quite a work horse.  I remember the day it was delivered to the house where I grew up; just about a mile from where I live now – as the crow flies.  I do not remember the date, but there is one thing I remember.

One day as I was driving it down the road, for a reason I do not remember I got off the tractor without locking the brakes; leaving the engine running; and looked back and it was rolling and rolled into a tree, denting the left corner of the radiator cover near the left headlight. It still has the body putty in that spot, and the old tractor looks pretty hard; but it is still a workhorse.

I do not really like using it.  Dad never had power steering put on it when he bought it new thinking that it would be like the old 8N that he had been using [steering wise], but it was not.  Without power steering it takes all the power you have in your arms to steer it; especially in rough dirt, and slowly moving.

Well!  I will get back to the brush hoggin’ in a few days; maybe Saturday.  When I get a new bolt and some air in the tire or fixed one.

That’s along the banks of Flat Creek


God Changes People

It is amazing how God works and changes people. When people are called to faith in Christ by the Spirit of God they believe, trust, obey, and just become all around better people.
Take myself for an example. I was saved at the age of eleven years. God’s grace has continually been with me, even though, when I was in my teen years I did things for which I am not proud. I am gravely afraid that I offended the One who loved me enough to give His life for me. I also know that I have even since becoming an adult. It is wonderful and great to know that I am His, and He is mine.
Something has began to happen to me which I really never thought possible. I am enjoying do some garden work. I never enjoyed working in the dirt as a boy, and even into adulthood, and now, here I am fifty two years of age, and I have been riding a tractor, plowing a garden, digging that garden to tear up the sod patches, and smooth the ground using a harrow. Harrow, that is a new farming implement for me. Never used one until today. Got the garden ready for planting.
As I have mentioned in a previous article; I have not plowed ground in many years. The old blue Ford tractor still does not have power steering, and now it definitely wears me out; and probably quicker than the soil gets ready.
God is so good, His mercy is everlasting, and His grace is so full and free.

Plowing Along

Many have heard someone say, “I am just plowing along”, meaning, of course, that they are struggling along with life, but they are progressing. That is not what I mean by the title.
I did something on Monday April 09, 2007 that I had not done in many years. First of all I rode the old farm tractor that I ran into a tree when I was a boy of about twelve years of age. That is right – I ran it into a tree, or maybe I should say, it rolled into a tree after I jumped off to catch my horse or something, and I did not set the brake, and it ran into a tree. It was a brand new tractor at the time. That is not what this is about though.
The reason for riding the tractor was to take it to the old home place where my father grew up, and plow the old garden spot. My Dad told me several months ago that he would like for the family to have a garden spot down at the old house, and nothing was ever done about it. So, I was setting out to do something about it. With my brother Steven’s help, we got the tractor and plow ready, and then, I headed over there.
It was a little tough plowing a little piece of ground that had not been plowed in probably thirty five years or more. Old fescue roots build up in that sod, and just make it plumb tough. I don’t believe I did a very good job. It had been twenty five years or more since I had plowed anything. The old tractor has no power steering, never did, and it is harder to steer now than it ever was.
Anyway when I returned home I was really tuckered out. I did not do anything all evening. We will be planting some things there soon. Now some reading this may think, “Shouldn’t things have been planted already?” Most usually, yes. This year; NO! We have had a freeze the past week. The first week of April has been quite damaging to the things that came out and bloomed. This freeze has even set the oaks back some for sure. So NO! We are in good shape for planting a garden.
Until next time.
Tim A.