What a Summer

It has been a different kind of Summer for me.  I have not accomplished near what I have wanted to concerning the old house and getting it ready to live in, and mostly due to be ill.  I have decided that the illness has been caused by the dust of the old house; at least much of it.
My wife (Madge) and I have decided to buy a double wide manufactured home, and set down on the old farm stead.  We are waiting now for everything to get approved and such.
It won ‘t be too long and school will begin again.  I have had my physical and passed it and looking forward to the new School year.
It has been a great Summer in that we were able to go to both Youth Camp and Children’s Camp at Baptist Hill in Mount Vernon, MO.  We were blessed to serve the CGL’s and campers as cooks and kitchen help.  It has been our privilege to do so for the past four years.  We hear that there were 24 children who trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in Children’s Camp, and a few less than that at Youth Camp with other decisions being made as well.
If things go well I may use this site as a daily log of driving the bus during the School year.  If I don’t every day, maybe I can at least once per week.
My wife and I celebrated our 37th Wedding Anniversary just last week.  We went and spent two days in Branson.  Nice place to visit, especially in November through February, but rather busy in July.  Really Branson is a great place to visit for family relaxation and fun.
See you next time.  Continue to have a great Summer.
-Tim A. Blankenship

One Saturday in May

I know there is a couple of Saturday’s left in May. On the 23rd and 24th I will be away from the pulpit of Carr Lane Baptist Church, taking a vacation Sunday. I will be visiting another church to listen to a good sermon, from a good preacher.

The “One Saturday…” of which I write was on the 9th of May. The day before Mother’s Day. Our son Philip came up from Booneville, AR. along with his wife Sarah Joyce, and two daughters Rene’e and Natalie, spent the night on Friday and went to Mother’s Day breakfast with us, at Carr Lane Baptist on Saturday morning. The men of our church provided, cooked and served bacon, sausage, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and scrambled eggs for the honor of our mothers.

Following the breakfast we; that is our son and his family; our daughter Monica, her husband Sam and daughter Addison went to Silver Dollar City near Branson. We often, jokingly, call it Steal Your Dollar City; around here in Southwest Missouri. It is a theme park, amusement park, music park, crafts park; taking you back to the 1800’s or so. They also have rides; roller coasters, wet rides, and kiddy rides.

Even I got on two of the roller coasters. The first one I rode was called “Powder Keg”. It sends you off on a short ride which starts you from a standing stop at about 60 miles per hour. From that stop you top a steep rise in the tracks to a sudden drop with twists and turns which would leave you breathless, if you are not screaming; or laughing all the way around. I laughed on every twists and turn. Were it not for the seat restraints you would come out of your seat.

We finished with Powder Keg then went and rode “WildFire”. It has loops and loops and one more loop. It too is a thriller, but I think I liked Powder Keg the best. It sets you back in the seat, and leaves you longing for more. That is if you like that kind of thing.

Spring is here. Enjoy it in our Lord’s Creation.

-Tim A. Blankenship

Latest Happenings

Since I last posted Winter has arrived, and in some parts of our Nation, with a vengeance. We have had a bit of cold weather, into the lower teens, but that isn’t too bad. Besides that it didn’t hang on and last forever. The longest spell of below freezing we have had was about three days, and that was just at the beginning of January. I am, however, already looking forward to Spring.

I went to the cardiologist in early December to have him tell me that the EKG showed “no significant sign of a problem”. I do have an appointment to return on the twenty third of January for and ECG.

The family and I had a wonderful Christmas. The wife and I’s kids went together got us a Crossley entertainment cabinet. It is an old style look radio, with CD player, audio cassette player, and turntable for 33, 45’s and 78 records. That was a really pleasant surprise and gift for us. We have been enjoying it.

Back before Christmas the Eastern part of Southern Missouri was hit pretty hard with an icestorm, which left a lot of people in the Joplin area without power, no lights, no heat, no television (Oh no!). Our son James and his wife Amber were in the thick of that, and were without power for about 9 days. They did get to come for Christmas. Their power was on shortly before that.

On Tuesday a friend and I went to Branson to see a mutual friend in the Skaggs Hospital there. As we were about to get off the elevator on the floor he was on, my cell phone rang, and it was my sister Judy. “Guess what Dad just did”, she said. I said, “I wouldn’t have a clue”. She said, “He rolled his truck”. My answer to that was, “WHAT?!”, and I know I placed a question mark and an exclamation mark after that, because I am not sure which it was. Yes, he had rolled his old blue Ford pickup truck. He wasn’t injured any, except maybe his pride. Evidently he has experienced no pain from bruising or anything either. He has been trying to get used to a prosthesis on his right leg. That may have played some part in the incident. It also was on the farm away from any major roads.

At the beginning of this week, Tuesday evening and into the early hours of Wednesday morning there was a consistent storm of tornadic activity hitting in the Northwestern part of Barry County. We live in middle Eastern part of the said County. That storm is very hard to describe. It took a path in a straight line. One tornado warning would come to a town, and then after it passed another one on the same path would be right behind it. Homes, businesses, and some lives were taken in areas further from us.

Near 3 a.m. my wife and I were awakened by a strong straight wind. It was near time for me to get up for the day, so I just got up, and Madge went back to bed. The wind died down and everything proceeded as normal the rest of the day, at least for us. May the Lord help those who were touched and harmed by this storm, and especially those who lost loved ones.

There is no one who is not touched by some sort of storm in their lives. If they are not presently they shortly will be.

“If I never had a problem, how could I know that God could solve them.” Isn’t that in a good old song or something.