Flat Creek is Still Rolling

This is a post just to let you know we are still here, and that Flat Creek is still rolling right along.

Many floaters; in canoes, inner tubes, boats, kayaks, etc. have come by.  I have not seen them all, but I have heard many of them as they float by and go over the small rapid behind our house.

With the rain we have gotten this Summer it has been a busy time just keeping up with the lawn mowing.  I have loved every minute of it.  I appreciate every drop of rain.  Thank the Lord for His blessings everyday.

My wife and I spent a couple of days with our son Philip and his wife Sarah and their daughters; Rene’e, Natalie, and Kylie in Booneville, AR. this past week.  It was kind of our family get together time.  However on July fourth we were with most of our kids at the family swimming hole for our annual Fourth of July get together.  It was a wonderful time, both times

Our daughter Monica, husband Sam with their two kids; Addyson and AlexZander were at Philip’s too.  All great kids.

Those Poplar trees we planted back in the Spring of 2011 are about twelve feet high now.  Some not quite there, but most are.  The Rose of Sharon’s we planted are just now blooming.  Some have not yet made any blooms.  Others are about to.

I have also built a Yard Deck, for our charcoal grill to set on.  I really like it away from the house where it will pose no problem with flames, yet not so far away as to be distant.  We have enjoyed the grill on the new deck two or three times this Summer.  Good food.

It is amazing how fast the Summer is rolling along.  School will be starting in just less than a month now.  I am sure no one wanted to be reminded of that.

From the banks of Flat Creek


Dog Gone

You’ve heard the above title as a phrase.  When something goes wrong some one says, “Dog gone”.  I heard the story of an American Indian [Native American] running with his dog along a cliff, the dog fell over the cliff, and the Indian said, “Dog gone” :).

Yesterday morning when my Madge and I left for church Archer and the Little Girl was here watching us leave, wanting some attention, and seemed just normal.  However, when we got back home Little Girl was no where to be seen or found.  I wrote about Little Girl a few weeks ago; how we ended up with her and all.

It seems we had gotten used to her being here.  Now I don’t know what has happened to her.  I kind of have a suspicion that her people were floating once again, she caught a scent of them, and found them.  That’s what I hope happened to her.

She has been around here all this time; when we have left she has remained through all other times, but this time Dog gone.

We hear people floating in canoes, boats, kayaks, and inner tubes almost every day.  We weren’t home to hear at that time.  Where ever Little Girl is now I hope she is okay.

On the banks of Flat Creek.


When the River runs Dry

Don’t worry!  Flat Creek has not gone dry.  It has gotten low a few times; with boaters and canoeist dragging their craft across gravel bars and shallow water rapids; but it has never gone completely dry.

I am talking about inspiration in our hearts.  There are times when it comes to writing that I can have a thought and go with it, and the words seem to flow like that Flat Creek.  There are times, also, like Flat Creek when it gets a little low, and the floating river boats need to be carried or dragged across the shallow waters.

Inspiration is probably connected to imagination; and I guess my imagination runs wild at times.  However, at other times it is dry as the bone the dogs dragged in, and maybe even dryer.

When the river of inspiration or imagination runs dry for me I try and do what I am doing now; write any way.  It may just be rambling; but I will not be held down by a dry river.  I will carry the boat, canoe or Kayak if I must; and pray I don’t bore anyone to tears.

What I am saying to my readers here is, When the river gets low, drag your craft – don’t quit.  Keep on going.  A thought came to me a few years ago as I studied the book of Nehemiah in the Bible.  “When you don’t know what to do; do what you know”.  It has probably been said before and by greater men than I, but it makes sense.

The flowing waters along the banks of Flat Creek.