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April’s Showers and May Flowers

We have been getting bunches of rain around here.  It is good to get, and I am sure ruins the plans of human ideas.  Let us be real though.  Without rain we perish. Inches and inches of rain has fallen.  … Continue reading

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I am For Amendment One – The Right to Farm

There are a lot of good people on both sides of Amendment 1; the right to farm amendment.  I am for it, and will vote for it. Some tell us that we already have a right to farm.  We have … Continue reading

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Up and Hot

With the help of our eldest son we got the electric fence up and our son Timothy says that it is hot.  He tested it by touching it after I plugged it in, since we do not have a meter … Continue reading

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Electric Fence

I am in the process of putting an electric fence around our yard.  For some time now we have had problems with my brother’s cattle coming in our yard; afterall it has not been that long and our yard was … Continue reading

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Here It Is…

…Another wonderful morning; and to make it even greater; it’s Sunday morning.  Getting up way before the sunrise has become a habit with me.  It seems I function best at this time, but the rest of the day not so … Continue reading

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Crazy Cows

I was raised on a farm which has raised cattle, both beef cattle and dairy cattle.  It just seems to me that they have gotten much more stupid over the years.  Though I no longer have a thing to do … Continue reading

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