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New School Year

The new School Year began in Cassville, MO on August 17.  I also started driving a different route. I now drive the Jenkins route, and though I am pretty familiar with the area, since I do live in the Jenkins … Continue reading

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Flat Creek Has Been Rolling Heavy

We have received 9 – 10 inches of rain from Saturday night through Monday evening.  At last look at my bucket it had about 9 inches in it and we received a bit more after that. I am including some … Continue reading

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In the Year of Twenty Fourteen

Just praying all have a wonderful, blessed, and Happy, Happy, Happy New Year.  From the  banks of Flat Creek, the old site of the Ole Blankenship Mill near Jenkins, Missouri. -tim

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First Post Twenty Thirteen

Yeah!  My first post on this blog for 2013.  I have not been much in the mood for writing, if that is what you would call what I do. 🙂 Anyway, let me give you some updates of what has … Continue reading

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Second Anniversary

Just to get right to the point.  Today marks the second anniversary of my wife Madge and I moving into our new home.  We are still enjoying the home with which the Lord of all has blessed us.  The Creek … Continue reading

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One Bad Thing…

…About having an inside thermometer for the outside is that you notice how hot it is outside.  I guess in the Winter you notice how cold it is; but to some “Cold” sounds pretty good right now.  I looked a … Continue reading

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The Day Ahead

My day ahead of me is planned to be spent finishing mowing the yard.  I will be mowing the back yard; if it doesn’t rain.  I don’t think it is supposed to.  It will take me three or four hours … Continue reading

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