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Went Outside this Morning…

I did. I went out just before sunrise.  The light of the sun was reflecting over the hill, from the sky above, yet was light enough to see. In my ears I heard the air filled with a cacophony of … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day 112813

I pray that all will have a blessed day of Thanking the One who alone is worthy of thanksgiving, worship and praise.  It is one thing to be thankful; it is quite another to know whom to thank. Thank the … Continue reading

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Needing Water

Well we were blessed in the Spring with a good amount of rainfall.  The Creek came up a bit, got washed out, cleaned up, but never rose out of its banks. Now, however, is a very different story.  We have … Continue reading

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Early Fall

It has been a week now that the Autumnal Equinox occurred.  We have received a little rainfall in the past week as well which is a real blessing.  It has, however, been quite some time since there has been any … Continue reading

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I can see Green…

It has been some time since I looked out across the yard and saw green in it with the exception of the new trees growing.  The grass is brown. Last night we were blessed to receive about one half inch … Continue reading

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It is Thanksgiving Day

This is the first Thanksgiving since the start of this blog.  Just a note to myself and anyone else who might have an interest. I am a person who endeavors to be thankful every day.  First of all thankful to … Continue reading

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November Twenty Eleven

That is right.  It is now November and several days into it as a matter of fact.  The month of Thanksgiving, though, my prayer is that we are thankful every day; not just one day a year.  To whom should … Continue reading

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